Award Recipient: Carol Dwyer

Director of the Community Benchmarks Program at the Maxwell School

The Onondaga Citizens League has named Carol Dwyer the 2014 recipient of the Levi L. Smith Civic Education Award.

Director of the Community Benchmarks Program at the Maxwell School, Dwyer has taught a practicum in Benchmarking since 1998. Students in the class conduct research and produce a report of their findings for area nonprofits, educational institutions and local governments each semester. All the reports are posted on the CBP website at She also offers classes in Philanthropy and Policy, Politics & Society. She supports students enrolled in PAF 315: Community Link by assisting them in survey design and implementation for the numerous organizations to which they are assigned.

The Onondaga Citizens League, administered and supported by University College of Syracuse University, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization  designed to promote citizen education and involvement in public affairs. OCL was created in 1978 by a group of concerned citizens to study problems and propose solutions to issues facing Central New York. The League does not promote specific legislation nor function as a lobbying group. For more information, visit the web site,, or call 315-443-4846.