Michael Stanton of PACNY received the 2015 Levi L. Smith Civic Education Award at the 2015 OCL annual meeting. The award honors outstanding citizens and organizations for their contributions to civic education and their commitment to the ideals of civic involvement in public affairs.
The Preservation Association of CNY (PACNY) was formed in 1974. Over the years, in addition to advocating for the preservation of various buildings, PACNY has consistently served to educate the broader community to the significance of its history, architecture, and civic design. It has carried out this mission through tours, printed materials, lectures, workshops, interpretive signage, conferences, social media and an active annual awards program. The “PACNY listserv” has hundreds of subscribers across Central NY, the state and the nation. Through the diligent efforts of PACNY member Michael Stanton, who voluntarily ”webmasters” the list, it has become a widely read media vehicle for civic education and dialogue on matters of urban design, land use planning, architecture, transportation, and cultural life.