Onondaga Citizens League Annual Meeting 2015Syracuse 20/20 board members accepted the inaugural OCL Study Champion Award at the 2015 OCL annual meeting.
Collaboration and partnerships are critical to ensure OCL studies are meaningful, have impact, and serve as a tool for action. That is why OCL instituted a new Study Champion Award – to acknowledge those whose work furthers the dialogues and recommendations generated by OCL studies.
Syracuse 20/20, a non-partisan, not-for-profit coalition of business and community leaders, was established in 1999 to improve the quality of life and government in CNY. The inaugural OCL Study Champion Award was presented to 20/20 because of their long involvement with OCL, both collectively and through individual members. Syracuse 20/20 spurred the 2005 Strategic Government Consolidation study and was actively involved in the study. The organization continued to work on a Government Modernization initiative that has resulted in Consensus – the Local Government Modernization Commission. More recently, 20/20, through its Education Task Force, took on the OCL Early Childhood Study recommendations, resulting in formation of a county-wide Early Childhood Alliance, with the very active support and involvement of Onondaga County’s Human Services leadership, to work strategically toward ensuring that all children in Onondaga County are healthy, thriving and ready to succeed in School.