Question Starters

February 24 meeting, study topic: “Department of Grundsatzfragen” (Fundamental Questions)

March 8 Meeting, study topic: “The World at Our Doorstep”

March 28 meeting:
  • Final notes; organizations in Syracuse working with refugees; US refugee program; terminology relating to refugees and refugee resettlement
  • article on census statistics indicating CNY halting decline in population

OCL Meeting Notes April 10, 2012, presentation by Dennis Connors

OCL Meeting Notes April 25, 2012, presentation by representatives from refugee resettlement agencies

OCL Meeting Notes May 8, 2012, presentation of an overview of the literacy education programming available to adult refugees

OCL Meeting Notes May 23, 2012, presentation by Economic & Job Opportunities subcommittee

OCL Meeting Notes June 12, 2012, discussion presentation by health committee of refugees’ physical and mental health

OCL Meeting Notes June 27, 2012, presentation by the housing committee re resettling of refugees

OCL Meeting Notes July 10, 2012, presentation by Crime, Safety and Law subcommittee

July 25 meeting:

OCL Meeting Notes August 22, 2012, panel discussion on ethnic community groups and grassroots organizations focused on refugees.

OCL Meeting Notes September 27, 2012, brainstorming session

OCL Meeting Notes October 9, 2012

OCL Meeting Notes October 25, 2012

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