The study concluded that creating a sustainable community clearly requires a merging of minds around policies and actions based not on self interest, but rather on the collective good. County, city, town, and village governments, public authorities, and school districts all must take steps to reverse the practices of the past 50 years and set a deliberative course toward creating a healthy, sustainable community. We do that by rethinking the way we design and maintain our urban centers and neighborhoods; where we locate our schools, libraries, town halls and parks; and how and where we build our roads, among other things.

correction pg. 9. Expansion of water infrastructure. Figures in this paragraph refer to the entire service area of OCWA (Onondaga County Water Authority), which extends beyond Onondaga County. In Onondaga County, from 2001 through 2008 OCWA installed 126.19 miles of new water mains, all in established water districts, and leased an additional 18.05 miles if water mains built on behalf of newly formed districts. In conjunction with the new mains, OCWA installed 1,075 new hydrants, two new pump stations, and three new storage facilities, including one built at OCWA's water treatment plant.

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