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Marketing Action on Climate Change

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Even as the scientific evidence of climate change and its damaging effects is growing, American public opinion is moving in the other direction. A Pew Research Center survey released in October 2009 found a “sharp decline” in the percentage of Americans who see solid evidence of rising global temperatures – 57% v. 71% of respondents... Read more »

Syracuse 2010 Revisited: Land Use Planning Challenges

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The Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency  is in the process of updating Onondaga County’s  11-year old 2010 Development Guide –  a plan that calls for investment in existing communities, sustainable urban and suburban settlement patterns, preservation of infrastructure and transportation assets, and protection of agricultural land and the natural environment.  The update will take into account... Read more »

The Fun Theory

Posted & filed under OCL Green. points out that while the website is a public relations initiative of Volkswagen, it has a lot of applicability for government and other agencies trying to change people’s behavior in order to, for instance, reduce energy usage or encourage recycling. The site is “dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun... Read more »

Green Consumerism

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Earthsense LLC, a Syracuse market research company, recently announced a new monthly survey of consumer attitudes about green products and companies called the Green Confidence Index, The index, which will also track consumers’ purchasing decisions, will provide subscribers with strategic marketing information on who buys Green and why, and how a company can position itself... Read more »

Sustainable Streetscape

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Balancing the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and neighborhoods with those of cars, trucks and thru-traffic is a big part of sustainability. St. Louis is experiencing good results with its ‘Great Streets’ Initiative.  Its goal is to trigger economic and social benefits by centering communities around lively, attractive thoroughfares that serve all modes of transportation. To... Read more »